About The Site

Hi! My name is Ben Wilson. I'm an American engineer who works on products in China.

In early 2020 it was difficult for anyone to get masks, but in March many were available in China and I was sending quite a few to relatives and friends.

Around that time I had to do 2 weeks quarantine in a hotel room. More and more people were asking for masks and it was becoming clear that the official efforts were falling short. So I used my time in quarantine to source masks, hand sanitizer, face shields, and other PPE and list them on the website of a project I'm involved with. During that time we sent about 50,000 masks to people in the US.

Since then I've found a few more items that may be useful, and moved everything here to this site. Hopefully we can continue to ship PPE and other things to folks who need it, without weird sales tactics or unreasonable prices.

If you have any questions about the site or about an order, you can contact me at: sales@asimplesite.com.