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0xFF Grid
Take back control of your communications with the new 0xFF Grid phone.
Using Sheep Mode:
If any unauthorized party attempts to search your phone, your decoy profile is automatically activated and all other data is wiped.
Data can be easily restored from backup after Sheep Mode is turned off using a password only you know.
Stay Connected and In Control, Wherever, Whenever
It's not a cellphone. You won't be tracked or logged by cellphone towers.
WiFi calling doesn't require a service plan tethered to a geographic area
Send text messages directly to other 0xFF grid users within a 10-mile radius even in the backcountry or disaster scenarios.
What happens to your data?
0xFF Grid

Your data is yours. Not ours and not any government's.

The only device that can read your data is your phone, and only when you unlock the correct profile.

If you delete a message, it's gone. Unlike regular phones, we do not log your connection activity, location, calls or messages.

0xFF Grid